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School Conditions


* The minimum age to access the courses is 18 years. For students of 16-17 years contact us by mail.

* All our courses have an administration fee of € 40. This concept will be paid only once, regardless of the number of courses you wish to attend.

The price of the course and registration includes: reservation of the course or courses chosen, level test, information folder, teaching material, certificate of attendance, use of computer and printer, WIFI, library and kitchen. In case of individual classes, long-term or group courses, the 1st class is free.

Does not include: Visa, travel insurance, accident or illness, costs of some activities such as transportation, tickets, food and drink or performances.

* Minimum time for each course:

  • Individual classes: minimum 6 hours per month
  • Long-term courses: minimum 3 months, more than 6 hours per month
  • Conversation classes: minimum 6 hours per month
  • All the intensive ones: minimum 1 week

* The courses are taught from Monday to Friday in the morning, adapting the schedule to the needs of the student within the possibilities.

* It is guaranteed 5 school days, except for the local and national holidays that we detail below:

  • Holidays 2018: January 1 and 6 – March 30-31-1-2 and April – July 25 and 31 – October 12 – November 1 – December 6, 8, 24, 25 and 31
  • If in the same week there is more than one holiday, the school commits to recover one day. There is no refund or recovery when the school is closed for just one day holiday.

* The school never cancels a course or reduces teaching hours, even if there is only one student per group. If the school is forced to cancel a course, activity or service previously contracted and paid, the school will return the total amount to the student.

* If the student is absent, arrives late or leaves before classes, no refund will be made. The cancellation of the course once begun will not be refundable either.

* To reserve a course at the school, it is essential to fill out the quote form for your adventure and make the payment of € 140 by bank transfer if it is an intensive course, indicating the student’s name and surname. In case it is a long-term or group course, only € 40 will be paid as a reservation for the course by bank transfer.

  • The rest of the payment will be paid in cash or bank transfer on the same day as the beginning of the course.

* The banking commissions that are applied to the transfer will be borne by the student. Casana will let you know in advance and by email the amount that remains to be paid at the school.

* You can always add or prolong the courses. You must notify 5 days in advance, at that time must pay the full amount of the chosen course.

* All our students will have to take a level test that the school will send to them and it will be resent to us at least 15 days before the beginning of the course.

* Changes: All changes made by the student (courses, accommodation and / or activities) must be notified in writing, via email, letter or mobile message with a minimum of 15 days in advance. The school will carry out the changes, provided it is within their reach, otherwise, the amount entered may be used for another course or service during the same year in Casana.

* Cancellations: All cancellations by the student, will be sent in writing to the school, via email, letter or mobile phone message at least 30 days in advance. The re-packets for cancellation are the following:

  • More than 30 days in advance: All the deposit is returned minus the registration fee -€ 40 –
  • 30 or less than 30 days in advance: The deposit or registration is not returned
  • In both cases, the amount withheld will be valid for another course during the same year in Casana

* Casana may cancel the registration of students who do not make payments within the agreed dates. Likewise, the school reserves the right to suspend the course or service due to inappropriate behavior on the part of the student.

  • Casana may cancel the registration of students who do not make payments within the agreed dates. Likewise, the school reserves the right to suspend the course or service due to inappropriate behavior on the part of the student.


* This service is only valid for people over 18 who book at least one intensive course.

* Casana is a mere facilitator of accommodation between students and families or owners of tourist apartments in the area. Casana does NOT charge commission for booking management.

* The location and details of the accommodation will be sent to the student via email or message 7 days in advance.

* Students must report any relevant information (allergies, phobias, food, reduced mobility) to the school, as well as the arrival time in Bilbao.

* In the shared flats and family accommodation, they will share common spaces so they have to obey the rules of the flat or the family in all aspects: cleaning, rules, schedules …

* Casana will not be responsible for disagreements that may arise from the cohabitation in the accommodation. Casana will act as intermediaries between these disagreements and will try to find a solution within the possibilities, offering another accommodation to the student as long as he agrees to pay possible costs if any.

* The student agrees that their image may appear in promotional materials through photos taken at school or during activities.

* Registration in the course implies acceptance of these conditions.